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California casinos have made a huge impact in California and there are many reasons why this is so. Many years back before the spread of California casinos, most of the gamblers here often went to Las Vegas as it was the hub of the west coast as far as California gamblers were concerned but now, especially during the last 5 to 10 years native Americans have turned California casinos into the pride of the state and even something that veterans of both Las Vegas and Atlantic City would envy.

Not only are these southern California casinos and Northern California casinos great spots to gamble at but they have also transformed themselves into great entertainment resorts that adults and children alike can go to and have lots of fun at. Now that the Las Vegas economy has gone down because of the recession, these California casinos have taken the initiative also turned themselves in to great vacation resorts complete with large areas for golfing as well as huge hotels to accommodate thousands of people who want to go for the weekend or even a two-week trip.

The difference between California casinos and Las Vegas casinos is that in California you don’t have a headache at the hustle and bustle of a big city but at the same time you have all of the casino gambling games at your disposal at if you’re not in the mood to gamble that particular day you could go for a nice nature hike up the local mountains or you could hit the beaches which are within 30 minutes to an hour driving distance or less from the casinos. The governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has granted great Lee-way to these casinos as far as allowing them to have a variety of casino games ranging from poker rooms, blackjack tables and maybe video poker slots which have become very popular at these casinos.

If you’re not in the mood for a nature hike, going to the beach or gambling you could always purchase tickets to see your favorite musical groups in concert as most of these California casinos have contracted with many entertainers to have year-round concerts to bring in more families to the casinos. Southern California casinos like Viejas, Barona and Sycuan not only offer a beautiful natural landscape to joy but some of the best weather in the world where you could do a variety of things. Trust me if you have ever been to a Southern California casino you will never want to go to Las Vegas again.

Our website will show you which California casinos are the best ones to gamble at as we will review both the Southern California casinos and the California casinos so that we could give you up to date information on which type of casino at what part of California is best for your particular needs to travel to to gamble at. I hope that you will enjoy our California Casino review site and keep coming back again and again as we continually update our website weekly.