Jock MKT DFS California Promo Code

The Jock MKT DFS California app offers iOS and Android users a unique fantasy game that combines elements of daily fantasy sports (DFS), salary cap/auction drafts, and day trading, with an added promo code to entice players.

Jock MKT’s game is dynamic and fast-paced and requires users to possess a keen and dynamic knowledge of the professional players they’ll invest in from game to game and week to week. Because of this, it’s suited for advanced fantasy gamers — especially those upset California sports betting wasn’t legalized in the 2022 election.

However, that’s not to say that prospective users should be intimidated.

Let’s review the benefits of Jock MKT, including an in-demand promo code

Jock MKT DFS California Promo Code

New users will be entitled to a 100% initial deposit match up to $100, and note that this bonus is exclusive to those making their initial deposit. This promo code and bonus will only work one time for users making their first deposit. This is an important detail to keep in mind.

A user who deposits $5 to start will receive a $5 bonus match, but he or she cannot double back and then deposit $100 with the hope of receiving a match. Terms and conditions apply.

Jock MKT DFS Promo Code & LinkSHARP
Promo Offer100% match up to $100
EligibilityBonus eligible for first-time users
States Where Jock MKT DFS Is Available33 states, including CA, OR, NM, UT, CO
Promo Code Verified forJune 2023

Where Are DFS Apps Available?

California DFS apps aren’t restricted to the same degree as sports betting. However, there are still some states where residents will not have access to Jock MKT — or DFS at all.

DFS Prohibited By Law:

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Hawaii

Jock MKT Unlicensed:

  • Arizona 
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut

Jock MKT has license applications pending in Missouri and Tennessee.

Jock MKT California Review

Overall, Jock MKT has similar features to other DFS apps. It offers multiple sports, includes tips that users can find within the app, and allows users to deposit and withdraw funds right within the app’s interface.

Jock MKT is available to download for both Apple and Android users. Those with iPhones and iPads can download the app via Apple’s App Store. Android users can do the same through the Google Play store. Reviews for the Apple product are higher than those for the Android version.

However, Android users don’t need to fret. Lower ratings for apps on Android devices is common among DFS and sportsbook apps, at least partially because some of these apps are newer to the Android platform. These apps are constantly working to fix bugs and smooth out their user experience.

Overall, the app is easy to use — though, the actual gameplay is challenging (by design)  and users won’t require a lot of time to acquire a feel for Jock MKT’s game.

Jock MKT offers two primary game types: markets and contests. Market games are what set Jock MKT apart. Those offer a stock market/day trading type of game that adds another dimension to the strategy, creating a more challenging experience for users. Users can expect to find games for the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and golf.

Jock MKT DFS CA Compatibility and Sign-Up Guide

Jock MKT can be downloaded and operated on both iOS and Android platforms. iOS users can find and download Jock MKT at Apple’s App Store. Meanwhile, the Google Play Store is where Android users will find and download the app. Upon downloading the app, users need to register before venturing forward to the main page and playing a game. Users are required to provide certain personal information to ensure they’re eligible to play DFS.

Overall, the sign-up process is quick and painless. Users can download the app, register, deposit and be ready to find a game in as little as five minutes. With so many players looking to enter the DFS market, it behooves platforms to make the registration process as seamless as possible. 

Jock MKT DFS CA Deposits and Withdrawals

The most common methods for depositing funds onto a DFS platform are via credit/debit card and PayPal. When it comes to debit/credit cards though, users should be aware that these methods may require an added layer of verification.

Withdrawals are typically available through some of the same methods as deposits. It’s important to note that Jock MKT requires manual approval for newer accounts to withdraw from the app automatically. New users will need to reach out to customer support to request such approval. Finally, as long as there isn’t any necessary investigation, users can expect withdrawals to process within five days.

Types of Contests at Jock MKT California

Jock MKT offers two game types: market and contest. In market games, users acquire, hold, and trade players as if they’re day traders on the stock market. Users bid on players during an IPO process and each user wins the shares of players they won. At this point, users can begin buying and selling shares of players. Trading can happen all the way throughout the game.

Jock MKT matches buyers and sellers in real-time, allowing the market to determine pricing for players. When the games end, player shares are paid out based on performance. In a market format, user accounts are credited with the value of the shares they hold.

In Jock MKT’s contest format, every user in the contest is allotted the same number of chips that are used for trading. At the end of the contest, users are ranked based on the number of chips they have accumulated through trading and final player share payouts. When the games end, players are ranked based on accumulated points, and chips are distributed to shareholders. Then, users are ranked based on chip count, and prizes are paid out.

What Jock MKT Gets Right

Unique Game Format

Jock MKT offers a dynamic DFS game that keeps users engaged through the ebbs and flows of a game and players’ performances. Many DFS sites require users to simply put in a lineup and stick with it throughout the entire slate. While that is perfectly fine for many DFSers, Jock MKT offers a new, more in-depth method through which to strategize and execute a plan to ultimately generate profits.

Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options

While some DFS platforms offer a slightly wider range of deposit and withdrawal options, Jock MKT allows users to deposit funds via credit/debit card and PayPal. Withdrawals take a bit longer than deposits — within five days — but that is normal across the industry.

Smooth and Easy Navigation

Users shouldn’t have an issue navigating throughout the Jock MKT app. It’s easy to toggle between the different sports offered, and a breeze to find the pages necessary on the home screen. There’s always a bit of a learning curve when downloading a new app, but users will be able to grasp Jock MKT with ease.

Jock MKT CA Overall Review

The DFS market is competitive in California, but Jock MKT has an app and game that will stand out for the state’s resident sports fanatics and gamers. While Jock MKT’s games are geared to sports fans with a slightly more advanced feel for sports players and who they will perform from game to game or even quarter to quarter, beginners can certainly enjoy the Jock MKT app as well.

The app itself runs smoothly and is easy to navigate, so users don’t need to fret about being overwhelmed or getting lost or frustrated as they become familiar with the app. Additionally, the interface is clean with an appealing color scheme that makes for easy reading.

Overall, Jock MKT provides users with a quality and unique DFS experience that sports fans will almost certainly enjoy. The feature about Jock MKT that its users figured to enjoy in particular is the real-time trading that keeps players engaged throughout the entirety of a contest.

Jock MKT DFS California FAQs

Where is Jock MKT legal?

The better question would be “Where is Jock MKT illegal?”, and the answer to that question would be Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Hawaii, which ban DFS altogether. Additionally, Jock MKT does not have a license to operate in the following states: Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Is Jock MKT safe to use?

Yes. Like its competitors in the market, Jock MKT takes great care to protect its users’ money and personal information. Jock MKT requires its users to provide personal identifying information to ensure they’re eligible to play.

Can I use Jock MKT from my desktop?

No. Some DFS platforms do allow users to submit lineups on their desktop sites. However, Jock MKT is only available to play on mobile.

On which operating devices does Jock MKT work?

Both iOS and Android users will be able to download and use Jock MKT’s mobile app.

Is DFS different from sports betting?

Yes. DFS is different from sports betting. Whereas betting is overwhelmingly centered around game outcomes or player performances (props), DFS focuses on player-centric results and structures contests in a way that’s different from sports betting.

How old do I need to be to use Jock MKT?

California residents must be 18 years old in order to use Jock MKT. Eighteen is the age in most states.

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