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California deserves consideration as the sports capital of the US. The state currently serves as the home to multiple franchises in each of the five major domestic sports leagues. With passionate fans, it only makes sense that residents would be interested in leveraging promotions to dive even deeper into the action. The opportunity to do so comes through betting on daily fantasy sports (DFS) via platforms such as ThriveFantasy.

There are a number of platforms operating within the state, including some of the industry’s heavy hitters. The DFS waters are large enough for smaller upstarts to find their niche, and that’s what ThriveFantasy is aiming to achieve — especially now that there won’t be any sports betting in California until 2025 at the earliest.

ThriveFantasy DFS California Promo Code

Those who have ventured into the DFS market are probably familiar with promotional bonuses. And those making their initial foray into the landscape will become familiar with them. ThriveFantasy offers new users a match on their first deposit. 

ThriveFantasy Promo Code & LinkTBA
Terms And ConditionsBonuses earned gradually as users complete paid contests
States Where ThriveFantasy Is Available30 states, including CA and OR
Promo Code Verified ForJune 2023

ThriveFantasy’s offer isn’t as friendly as some of the others in the industry, but smaller platforms are generally going to be a little less generous. Still, ThriveFantasy’s bonus shouldn’t be sneezed at. Just to clarify the details, a user who deposits $50 upon registration is entitled to a $50 bonus, providing him or her with $100 with which to play. One positive about a modest bonus is players aren’t tempted to deposit too much money in order to maximize the match.

ThriveFantasy DFS California App Review

In one sentence, ThriveFantasy’s app layout is very solid overall. Users may want to take a few minutes to poke around the interface and get a feel for how to find specific contests among the various sports options, which ThriveFantasy offers. It’s not difficult to find what’s needed, but there are a few navigation paths outside of the main row at the bottom of the screen for users to familiarize themselves with.

The blue multi-toned color scheme is easy on the eyes and the app itself has a solid look all in all. Each contest is labeled with relevant information, including but not limited to an entry fee, prize pool, start time, and a number of entries.

Users won’t have an issue navigating to the deposit screen — arguably the most important page for a user to be able to find. There is a small green box labeled “deposit” nestled in the upper right-hand corner. It stands out among the blue-dominated background.

ThriveFantasy features games centered around player props, and one of their selling points is that they only require users to play and set lineups with star players. They want to differentiate themselves from the platforms that require — by nature of their contest design and structure — users to spend considerable sums of time researching under-the-radar players. By positioning themselves in such a way, ThriveFantasy targets users who consider themselves a bit more “casual” in terms of their DFS and fantasy participation. Even seasoned DFS players can find a reason to download and check out the app’s offerings. There’s nothing wrong with keeping multiple DFS apps in the rotation.

ThriveFantasy DFS California App Compatibility And Sign-Up Guide

ThriveFantasy can be downloaded and operated on both iOS and Android platforms. For iOS devices, that means users can find and download ThriveFantasy in Apple’s App Store. Those using an Android device will be able to do the same by going through the Google Play Store. 

Upon downloading the app, users need to register before venturing forward to the main page and playing a game. Users are required to provide information such as their birthdays and addresses. This is to ensure users are who they say they are and are residing in a state that allows DFS. 

Overall, the sign-up process is quick and painless. Users can download the app, register, deposit, and be ready to find a game in as little as five minutes. With so many players looking to enter the DFS market, it behooves platforms to make the registration process as seamless as possible. Ask too many questions or make users navigate multiple pages with annoying requirements, and they’re bound to move on to a competitor. Credit to ThriveFantasy for eliminating this potential roadblock.

ThriveFantasy DFS California Deposits And Withdrawals

ThriveFantasy’s options for deposit and withdrawal may not be quite as robust as some of the biggest companies in the industry. There should be more than enough avenues through which DFSers can submit and claim their winnings though. Users can add funds via credit or debit card, PayPal, and eCheck. It’s worth keeping in mind that the initial deposit is the one subject to a match bonus. Users who want to maximize ThriveFantasy’s bonus offer will want to deposit $50 to receive the app’s $50 match.

Withdrawals are subject to a user being verified before winnings can be claimed. It’s also important to be familiar with the fine print as it pertains to the bonus credits as a deposit match. ThriveFantasy, as is the case with several other platforms, requires users to play in paid contests in order to “activate” the bonus credits and use them in contests. When it comes time to cash out and claim winnings, users shouldn’t be alarmed if it takes 3-5 days for them to land in one’s account. This isn’t unusual among apps in the industry.

Types Of DFS Contests On ThriveFantasy California

ThriveFantasy wants to provide users of its platform with an experience different from some of the leading players in the market. While some big platforms are gaining the reputation as “shark” platforms or platforms that require users to conduct hours of research to identify the under-the-radar players necessary to win a contest, ThriveFantasy wants to allow its users to focus on the stars. Their philosophy is geared a little more toward the casual player.

That doesn’t mean ThriveFantasy doesn’t offer fun or challenging games. There are two primary game types from ThriveFantasy: traditional and versus. In the traditional format, users select a player’s individual stat-line or a combination of stat-lines to win a predetermined amount of fantasy points. Meanwhile, in the Versus format, users select which of two players will perform better in the pre-selected stat category. The player less likely to win will earn more fantasy points. 

From there, the contests are broken down in the lobby by how many other opponents you’ll be playing against. Every contest will give users the opportunity to pick certain props from a predetermined list. Each unique prop has an “Over” and “Under” point value assigned to it and users will be rewarded that point value if that prop is correct. The higher the point value, the less probable it is to occur.

Each team is made up of 10 picks that are selected out of an available list of 20. Users also select two In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE) picks. ICE Picks automatically replace any player/team that doesn’t play for any unforeseen circumstances, such as late scratches, weather, and PPD. The ICE picks, in particular, represent a feature that is unique among apps, as users are typically responsible for monitoring active players and last-minute lineup changes.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Like ThriveFantasy DFS California

Fun for casual DFSers

DFS is a fun activity for sports fans, but some platforms have attracted a lot of players who take the games very seriously. The players, often referred to as “sharks” or “grinders”, treat DFS like a second job, conducting hours of research ahead of a slate of contests. ThriveFantasy wants to level the playing field in a sense and make sure players who simply want a little extra skin in the game can enjoy their experience without feeling the need to dedicate hours to research.

Multiple deposit and withdrawal options

There may be platforms that offer a slightly wider range of deposit and withdrawal options, but ThriveFantasy’s users will still have multiple avenues to deposit funds and claim winnings. These include debit or credit card, PayPal, and eCheck.

Easy to navigate interface

Users may have to press an extra button or two to land on their desired page, such as the deposit page has a standalone button in the upper right-hand corner of the app, but it’s easy to navigate overall. An extra minute or two on the app is all a user will require to familiarize him or herself with the location and content of pages.

ThriveFantasy DFS California Overall Review

There are a lot of DFS apps available to California residents, so there’s plenty of competition for users. That doesn’t mean users can’t keep multiple apps in rotation though, and ThriveFantasy deserves its place among its peers. Even more experienced or dedicated players will enjoy the games ThriveFantasy offers.

The app itself runs smoothly and is easy to navigate, so users don’t need to fret about being overwhelmed or getting lost or frustrated as they become familiar with the app. Additionally, the interface is clean with an appealing color scheme that makes for easy reading. All in all, ThriveFantasy has a chance to become a regular app among DFS players, and it should continue to improve as it spends more time in the industry.

ThriveFantasy DFS California FAQs

Where is ThriveFantasy legal?

ThriveFantasy is legal in states that allow DFS. Some states, such as California, have neither legalized DFS nor made it illegal. The states where DFS is explicitly illegal are Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state.

Is my money safe with ThriveFantasy?

Yes. While it is natural to have some concern regarding the safety of one’s deposit, these apps take the utmost care to ensure the safety and security of their users’ money and personal information. The last thing a DFS platform can afford is a security breach that erodes the trust of users, both current and prospective.

How old do I need to be to use ThriveFantasy?

California residents must be 18 years old in order to use ThriveFantasy. Eighteen is the age in most states, but some require users to be at least 19 or even 21 years of age in order to participate in DFS.

Can I use ThriveFantasy from my desktop?

No. Some DFS platforms do allow users to submit lineups on their desktop sites. However, ThriveFantasy is only available via its mobile app.

Can I use ThriveFantasy on my iPhone or Android?

Yes. ThriveFantasy’s mobile app is the best way to enjoy the platform, and users of both iOS and Android devices will be able to download and use the app. Apple users can find and download ThriveFantasy through Apple’s App Store. Meanwhile, Android users will be able to do the same through the Google Play Store.

How does DFS differ from sports betting?

Whereas betting is overwhelmingly centered around game outcomes or player performances (props), DFS takes the player-centric games and outcomes a step or two further. ThriveFantasy, specifically, offers games that draw on elements of prop betting, but users will choose a lineup of prop offerings for their contests.

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