5 Best Ways to Use Fliff, the New Free and Legal Social Sportsbook App

By now, you may have heard a funny word spreading around the internet. Fliff. It’s a new free sports picks app that is quickly gaining popularity. It’s is the third-fastest-growing sports app by downloads for 2022 in the Google Play Store.

Fliff is not traditional sports betting. It’s more of a sports-picks-meets-social-media-meets-brand-loyalty-program. Users don’t have to load their payment details, and because Fliff Coins are awarded every two hours to everyone on the platform, no matter how well you make your sports picks, you get new currency to make more.

Still, you can make money using Fliff. Fliff Coins can only be used for picks. But the less common digital currency, Fliff Cash, can be redeemed for real cash prizes once you’ve accumulated enough.


What Is Fliff?

We’re inundated with taglines. Most of the time a company and its tagline don’t align. But Fliff is a refreshing exception. The app claims to be the “Next Generation Social Sportsbook.” Try as we might to prove that wrong, we have to admit Fliff is spot-on.

Fliff is doing things differently. You don’t bet on games — you make a prediction. You don’t deposit money — you earn Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash by being successful with your sports picks, and you can exchange Fliff Cash for real cash prizes. If that model sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same promotional sweepstakes model used by popular online casinos like Chumba Casino.

In those casinos, the digital currencies are usually called Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, but the reason for legality is the same: Even though players can exchange Fliff Cash/Sweeps Coins for real cash prizes, the apps are still 100% legal because Fliff Cash and Sweeps Coins have no real-world value on their own.

Fliff doesn’t require you to purchase anything, or to place any money on a sports pick. Fliff offers a place to show off how good you are at predicting sporting events in exchange for your name being ranked among the leaders. It allows you to see other people’s predictions, which helps your strategy (more on that later).

Because you’re not risking money from your own bank account, you never stress over a bad day of picking games. As Fliff says: “Sweat the game, not the losses.”

That’s true, because as the days pass and you use Fliff more frequently, it’s the competition and fun of Fliff as a game that is most addicting.

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5 Best Ways to Use Fliff

1. Earn Coins, Badges, and Move Up the Rankings

Fliff Coins are what you use to make predictions (or picks) on games. When you sign up with Fliff (it takes fewer than two minutes because you only have to verify an email and choose a username), you receive bonus Fliff Coins.

The coins are used in your picks. Win your picks, and your coins grow. Coins are how you are ranked in Fliff, which when played like this, is really as fun as any mobile app game. When you grow your coins (by making correct sports picks), you also earn Fliff Cash as a reward. More on Fliff Cash below.

Note: You can also purchase Fliff Coins by using a credit or debit card, or even Google Pay or Apple Pay. Why would you need or want to buy coins? If you are unsuccessful in your picks and lose coins, that’s why.

There’s another reason: to use the coins to make larger picks that could win more coins. As you win more coins, you’ll earn XP, which can be redeemed for prizes and rewards. Each time you purchase Fliff Coins, you also earn some Fliff Cash.

Expert tip: Every two hours, Fliff hands out a Fliff Coins offer, usually between 1,000 and 5,000 coins. All you have to do is log in and claim it.

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2. Claim Free Fliff Cash and Compete to Win Sweepstake Prizes

Remember, Fliff does not require purchase, and you don’t have to enter a credit card. You simply play the app the way you want, either for Fliff Coins, or for Fliff Cash, or both.

Whenever you make a sports pick (say taking your favorite team to win at +175 on a moneyline), you can choose to place that pick with Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash. When using Fliff Cash, your winnings can be used for redemption of prizes or to enter into sweepstakes. You also earn more XP (the term used for Fliff’s rewards points) when you make picks in Fliff Cash.

Other benefits are available. When you refer a friend to download the app, you can earn Fliff Cash during special promotional periods.

This is what makes Fliff social and rewarding. Like other popular brand loyalty apps, you are rewarded the more you use it, and encouraged to take advantage of special bonuses for getting more coins and cash in the app. For consumers who use the Starbucks app for example, the rewards options and “chasing of points” will feel familiar.

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3. Have Fun With Friends and Family

Fliff calls itself “a simpler, play-for-fun sports prediction game.” That’s pretty true. While it may take a little time to get used to Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash, and XP, and how they intersect or differ, the app is easy to use. And it’s definitely fun.

Because Fliff allows you to invite your contacts to also download the app and play (with no deposit ever required if you choose to play free), it can be a great way to compete against family and friends without the heavy specter of losing money hanging over everyone.

4. Play Daily Challenges

Like other apps that reward you when you accomplish a task, Fliff offers Daily Challenges. The great thing here is that it doesn’t matter how your picks turn out. Win or lose, you get the rewards. For example, a recent MLB Daily Challenge was:

  • Make a pick on the Red Sox vs. Reds game
  • Make a pick on the Pirates vs. Yankees game
  • Make a straight pick on any game
  • Make a pick on the Giants vs. Rockies game

For that challenge, Fliff rewarded users 5 XP reward points.

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5. Buy Gift Cards From Your Favorite Brands With Fliff XP Rewards Points

So what the heck are XP? XP stands for “experience points,” and in Fliff the XP are the currency of the rewards program. There are at least three ways to get XP:

  1. Win sports picks (the amount of earned XP will depend on how much you wager — 1 XP is awarded for every 1,000 Fliff Coins played)
  2. Complete daily challenges
  3. Purchase Fliff Coin bundles

XP can be used to make purchases of gift cards and offers from popular brands who partner with Fliff, including AirBNB, Chipotle, and Domino’s.

You earn XP to achieve milestones and gain free Fliff Cash incentives. For example: Accumulate 1,000 XP to claim $10 in Fliff Cash. Then, 2,000 XP will get you $25 Fliff Cash, 5,000 XP ($50 Fliff Cash), and 10,000 XP ($125 Fluff Cash). Remember, Fliff Cash can be used to enter sweepstakes (with real cash prizes), or to buy gift cards at popular brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fliff

Is Fliff Available in California?

Yes, the Fliff app is available in California right now. It’s also available for free download in 40 other states and Washington, D.C. Because Fliff does not accept bets and no money is exchanged between the user and the app, it’s not gambling. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Fliff.

Fliff could have a near-monopoly on the legal “online sports betting market” in California if Prop 27 doesn’t pass this November. Prop 27 would legalize online sports betting via apps like DraftKings and FanDuel. But it’s looking like that prop will fail in the midterm election.

Why Is It Called Fliff?

We’ve all had to learn new words in the digital age. How many people knew what a Google was? How about Reddit or Spam? And no one seems to know to this day how to pronounce “GIF.” Same goes for words like “Fliff,” which doesn’t really stand for anything, other than a hope that it will be as ubiquitous for sports betting as Google has become for searching for answers. A Fliff is nothing, like a Tweet was nothing until well, everyone started using it.

Is Fliff Real Money?

No, Fliff is not a real-money sports betting app like BetMGM or PointsBet. Instead, it’s a promotional sweepstakes sports picks app that has players use fake digital currencies, one of which can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

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