Fliff Sportsbook Releases NFL Playoffs Futures Odds and Team Props

Although the social sportsbook Fliff doesn’t offer traditional futures odds, it’s getting creative with the NFL Playoffs.

The free-to-play sports California sports betting app has posted 28 team props and futures bets ahead of Wild Card weekend. Click the “All Sports” tab and you’ll see “NFL Playoff Props” in the “Football” section.

The wagers are either:

  • Team A to Win Super Bowl OR Any Other Team
  • Team A vs. Team B in Super Bowl OR Any Other Matchup

Fliff did something similar for the FIFA World Cup, offering odds on the US to win vs. the rest of the field. The app is more detailed and specific with its odds for the NFL Playoffs.

Here are all the Fliff team props and futures odds for the NFL Playoffs as of Wednesday morning.

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Super Bowl Futures Odds

These are odds to win the Super Bowl. To treat these as true futures odds, you can just ignore the Any Other Team odds.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+325) OR Any Other Team (-450)
  • Buffalo Bills (+400) OR Any Other Team (-525)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+500) OR Any Other Team (-850)
  • San Francisco 49ers (+550) OR Any Other Team (-900)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (+750) OR Any Other Team (-1550)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1300) OR Any Other Team (-5000)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+2000) OR Any Other Team (-10000)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2500) OR Any Other Team (-13000)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+3000) OR Any Other Team (-15000)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+3300) OR Any Other Team (-18000)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+4500) OR Any Other Team (-23000)
  • New York Giants (+5500) OR Any Other Team (-27000)
  • Miami Dolphins (+6000) OR Any Other Team (-30000)
  • Seattle Seahawks (+6500) OR Any Other Team (-35000)

Super Bowl Matchup Odds

For all of these picks, the Any Other Matchup odds are +99999, so we won’t list those.

  • 49ers vs. Bills (+650)
  • 49ers vs. Chiefs (+650)
  • Eagles vs. Bills (+725)
  • Eagles vs. Chiefs (+725)
  • 49ers vs. Bengals (+1300)
  • Eagles vs. Bengals (+1450)
  • Cowboys vs. Bills (+1500)
  • Cowboys vs. Chiefs (+1500)
  • 49ers vs. Chargers (+2500)
  • Cowboys vs. Bengals (+3000)
  • Eagles vs. Chargers (+3000)
  • Buccaneers vs. Chiefs (+3000)
  • Vikings vs. Bills (+3500)
  • Buccaneers vs. Bills (+3500)
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