Betting on the LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy is one of the most successful franchises in Major League Soccer (MLS), as it has won five MLS Cups and recorded another four appearances in the final, not to mention two CONCACAF Champions’ Cup titles. 

In the last couple of seasons, the team has struggled to clinch a playoff berth, so when they managed to finish fourth in the Western Conference this past season after a two-year drought, not even a 3-2 loss in the El Trafico semifinal match could dampen their spirits. 

The fans of arguably the greatest club in MLS are finally feeling content after the successful rebuilding process and the addition of the young core led by Dejan Joveljic and Riqui Puig.

However, backing them on a betting slip is still not an option for Galaxians or other Californians. Namely, the voters on the November ballot responded with a resounding no to the proposition of online and mobile sportsbooks in the Golden State, leaving bettors with no other option than exploring 2023 LA Galaxy MLS Cup odds at sportsbooks in Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon. 

In case legal online sports betting in California or their retail counterparts becomes a thing soon, we have prepared this detailed guide on how LA Galaxy odds work, how to bet on the LA Galaxy, what the potential betting markets are, and more. 

Where Can You Bet on the LA Galaxy? 

Propositions 26 and 27 that aimed to bring legal sports betting to the state didn’t pass muster with California’s voters — in fact, more than 80% of votes were against them. Not even the most expensive ballot campaign could tip the scales in favor of sports betting companies like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM or the Indian tribes pushing for Proposition 26. 

Until such options become a reality, your only choice is to travel to neighboring Nevada or Arizona and get the best of the Los Angeles LA Galaxy MLS Cup odds in sportsbooks available there. 

Online Sportsbooks

Proposition 27, which would have legalized online sports betting, failed to get the necessary support from voters. Still, in case the legislators revisit it and adapt it in a way that might make the voters reconsider, we could expect the biggest names in the industry to launch their sports betting apps as soon as they’re given the green light. 

In the meantime, the books in Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon remain the only viable options for online sports betting on LA Galaxy.

Those players who want to bet on the LA Galaxy to win the MLS Cup in Nevada’s online sportsbooks will have to complete an in-person registration at retail casinos before using betting apps. 

Retail Sportsbooks

Despite strong support from Indian tribes for Proposition 26, two-thirds of the voters (or 66.98%, to be precise) said no to sports betting at licensed casinos and racetracks. 

LA Galaxy Schedule 2023

Feb. 25, 2023, marks the day when the 28th iteration of Major League Soccer will kick off. The format of the contest remains the same as last year, with the addition of St. Louis City SC, which will be joining the Western Conference. 

LA Galaxy, like all other teams in the league, stands to play 34 matches next season — 17 at home and 17 away. Next season will be a perfect opportunity for some payback to LAFC, which ended the LA Galaxy’s playoff run in an exciting El Trafico. The match concluded with Cristian Arango’s goal in the third minute of stoppage time. 

Before the start of next season, all eyes will be on the 2023 MLS SuperDraft and the LA Galaxy draft odds for landing a great player who will complement its young core. 

Types of Bets That Can Be Placed on LA Galaxy

The opening lines for LA Galaxy matches come from the oddsmakers employed by sports betting operators. When coming up with the best odds at California sportsbooks, these math and statistical experts observe various factors, including but not limited to the current form of the players and teams, roster changes, injury reports, and even the state of the pitch. 

The opening lines are called that way for a reason. After the reaction from the betting public, indicating which team bettors have sided with, the oddsmakers will shift the odds accordingly and ensure betting on the other side gets more attractive. This way, they can do some damage control and avoid losing a lot of money if the favorite does win. 

Another vital aspect of odds-making is the fact that the odds are never 100% accurate because of the profit margin factored in, called vigorish or juice. To check that, we need to calculate implied probability, a percentage that tells us how confident the bookies are about the outcome of an event. 

Say the Los Angeles LA Galaxy odds for winning against LAFC are -145. The minus (-) sign before the lines indicates the favorite and how much you need to bet to win $100 in profit. On the other hand, the odds for LAFC winning are +105 — not only do they show that LAFC is the underdog in the fixture, but they also tell you how much you stand to win for a $100 bet. 

Now, we need the following formulas to calculate the implied probability of winning for both teams: 

  • For negative odds: Odds/(Odds + 100) * 100
  • For positive odds: 100/(Odds + 100) / 100 

In the case of the LA Galaxy vs. LAFC odds used in the example above (-145 for the favorite and +105 for the underdog), the result is: 

  • Negative: 145/(145+100)*100 = 59.18%
  • Positive: 100/(105+100)*100 = 48.78%

Adding the percentages of two outcomes should add up to 100%, right? However, the numbers equal 107.96%, meaning the 7.96% in excess is the vig or the bookie’s profit margin, no matter the result. 

LA Galaxy Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds in soccer refer to choosing one of the three potential outcomes of every match and are regularly among the best LA Galaxy odds in California. You can bet on the home team, the away team, or a draw. Soccer matches are 90 minutes long, and that’s what moneyline odds factor in, including any stoppage time. 

LA Galaxy Futures Odds

Futures are season-long bets that include betting on the winner of the MLS Cup or LA Galaxy’s chances of making the playoffs. The odds for future markets, such as LA Galaxy playoff odds, are released well in advance. The sooner you place your bets, the bigger payouts you can expect. 

LA Galaxy Prop Bets

Proposition bets or props are wagers that aren’t based on the outcomes of matches but rather on the specific occurrences on the field. Some of the LA Galaxy prop bets you will come across include betting on the man of the match, the number of yellow cards given (higher or lower than the indicated number), the scorer of the next goal, and more.

LA Galaxy Totals Bets

In this bet, you can try to guess what the total number of goals scored in a game will be. The bookmaker will provide a total, and your job is to predict whether the sum will be Over or Under the indicated number.

LA Galaxy Live Betting

Once LA Galaxy’s game gets underway, you’ll find dozens of appealing markets for live betting (betting on the game in progress, that is). Keep in mind that the odds for live betting shift continuously, so timing is of the essence. 

How to Bet on the MLS Cup in California

The MLS Cup is the culmination of the entire MLS season. The top teams from each conference will meet in the finals for a chance to be crowned champion, so no wonder why sportsbooks usually make more betting markets available for this one than for regular season matches. 

Sadly, you still can’t bet on MLS Cup in California. Therefore, you have to go to other states with legal and regulated sports betting to take advantage of some of the best odds for LA Galaxy to reach the MLS Cup game. 

How to Bet on LA Galaxy in California

Since the sports betting proposition didn’t receive the necessary voter support, this activity is still not available in California. However, we can walk you through the usual process of registering an account and placing a bet at Arizona books so that you can get a general idea of how it all works. 

  1. Head to the sportsbook’s homepage or download the proprietary app through Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your device. 
  2. Choose California from the list of available states. 
  3. Sign up for the sportsbook by inserting personal information into the form, such as your full name, date of birth, email address, last four digits of your SSN, and other personal details.
  4. Go to the Banking section of your account and choose the payment method and the amount you wish to deposit. 
  5. In the betting menu, navigate to the MLS by clicking on the league’s logo found among the featured sections. Then find the next LA Galaxy game. 
  6. Choose the betting market. It’ll automatically be added to your betslip. 
  7. Insert the stake amount and click on “Place Bet.” Your potential payouts will be displayed on the betslip. 

LA Galaxy Stadium 

LA Galaxy plays its home games at Dignity Health Sports Park, a sports complex located on the campus of California State University in Dominguez Hills at 18400 Avalon Boulevard in Carson. The stadium is about 14 miles away from downtown Los Angeles, off the 405 and 91 freeway. The $150 million venue was opened in 2003 and can accommodate approximately 25,000 fans.

  • Name: Dignity Health Sports Park
  • Address: 18400 Avalon Boulevard, Carson, CA 90746
  • Capacity: 25,000
  • Opened: 2003
  • Main tenants: LA Galaxy and Los Angeles Wildcats

LA Galaxy Odds FAQ

Do California’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on LA Galaxy?

No, California doesn’t have any legal sportsbooks. To place bets on the LA Galaxy, you need to travel to the neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon. 

How popular is betting on the LA Galaxy?

LA Galaxy is probably the most popular team in MLS, and the same can be said for betting on its matches.

What’s the closest sportsbook to LA Galaxy stadium?

Given how there are no sportsbooks in California, the closest sportsbooks to Dignity Health Sports Park are those in Arizona and Nevada. 

Does LA Galaxy have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

No, LA Galaxy doesn’t have any partnerships with sportsbooks or casinos for that matter. The potential partnerships will be subject to future sports betting propositions. 

Where can I bet on the MLS Cup in California?

Regrettably, you can’t bet on the MLS Cup anywhere in California. You need to travel to any of the 30+ states across the country where sports betting is legal.

Is DraftKings legal in California?

No — unlike its daily fantasy sports platform, DraftKings isn’t permitted in California. 

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