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ZitoBox is a social casino that does things differently than its competitors. For starters, it doesn’t allow you to exchange premium currencies (like Sweeps Coins) for cash prizes. Instead, players win points that they can exchange for popular gift cards.

Furthermore, ZitoBox offers an extensive collection of original slots and arcade games that dwarfs what you will find on competing sites.

Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know about ZitoBox in case you decide to check it out.

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ZitoBox Promo Codes June 2023

The ZitoBox purchase bonus works a little differently than most sweepstakes sites. However, as a social gaming platform, it still offers virtual currency for its opening bonuses.

ZitoBox uses coins as its primary currency. These coins can be purchased as part of coin packages straight from the site, but they don’t have any real-world value.

Its premium currency is Zito Points, which take the place of Sweeps Coins and are exchangeable for certain rewards.

Right now, the ZitoBox promo codes will get $5 and $10 purchase matches in coins for new customers.

ZitoBox Promo Codes Click to claim
ZitoBox Purchase Bonus $5 and $10 purchase matches in coins
What States Allow ZitoBox All US states, except Washington (Idaho allows free play)
Promo Codes Verified for ✔️ June 2023

Ultimately, navigating around ZitoBox is simple and intuitive. That’s because it uses a contrasting color scheme featuring lots of red, white, and blue, so that players can distinguish different games and slot categories.

Indeed, choosing a particular genre of slot games is fairly easy. For instance, fans of strategy games, shooter games, or action games will be able to navigate to that section of the site in just one or two clicks.You can also select from specific jackpot slot types.

The only downside is that there aren’t very many tutorials or explanatory sections of the site. If you have a question or want to get a sense of how many coins you can get for playing a particular game, you might have a bit of trouble.

The player experience is further improved by the number of promo codes you can use to maximize your coin earnings every day. You’ll also get a bonus daily injection of between 200 and 500 coins the first time you log on in a 24-hour period.

Who Should Try ZitoBox?

ZitoBox is a social casino that will feel familiar and yet distinct for any sweepstakes casino enthusiast. Because it’s legal in most US states, unlike sports betting in California, it’s a perfect choice if you enjoy casino activities but don’t currently live in a state that allows regular online gambling.

You can find plenty of excellent games at ZitoBox, and figuring out how the site works is quick and easy. Furthermore, we think it’s a great choice for those who like getting gift cards as opposed to cash prizes, either to use them as gifts themselves or to use at their favorite retailers.

All in all, it’s a novel quasi-sweepstakes site many enthusiasts will enjoy.

Welcome Package and Purchase Bonuses

ZitoBox currently has a welcome package (or purchase bonus) that is dependent on the amount of your first deposit.

Essentially, your purchase bonus at ZitoBox will improve the more money you spend. However, keep in mind that these bonus offers only apply for your initial deposit. You don’t get the bonuses after your first deposit, so consider how much money you want to spend before finalizing that deposit. This opportunity to get tons of extra coins only comes once.

Daily Bonuses

There’s an additional daily bonus you can collect for small amounts of Zito Points. Plus, validating your account initially gives you an opening bonus of 100 Zito Points.

All in all, ZitoBox is quite generous with its purchase and opening bonuses, and new players should have no trouble acquiring enough digital currency to try out everything that the site has to offer.


Although ZitoBox is primarily known for its slot games, it also provides other casino games, and arcade games, and lots of table games — which sets it apart in the social casino industry. As mentioned, all of these games are easily separated into different sections, so navigating around the site to find a game you want to play is pretty easy.

Classic slots include tons of favorites with classical themes like the Wild West and the deep sea. Most of the slot games are quick to learn and provide decent payouts. Modern slot games can be found in another area of the site, as can super jackpot slots that offer even bigger payouts for larger coin injections.

Lastly, we want to mention the high-quality graphics and good animation quality you can expect from all of the games in the site’s catalog. Even with the mobile app (mentioned below), you shouldn’t experience any lagging or bad performance, even with some of the more graphic-intensive titles.


ZitoBox makes it quite easy to deposit funds into your account. The actual purchase process can be completed in less than three clicks or taps on your mobile device screen. Furthermore, it’s nice that they allow most major debit and credit cards to fund your account instead of limiting players to only one or two.

There are a few downsides in that ZitoBox doesn’t allow you to wire a bank account directly to the app. This does slow down the purchasing system somewhat. They also aren’t partnered with PayPal or Skrill. Electronic wallets are often thought to be a little more secure compared to regular debit card transactions.

As discussed above, the redemption process for ZitoBox is a little different compared to other sweepstakes casinos. You don’t get to exchange your premium currency for cash prizes. However, the redemption system is quick and easy and you’ll get your digital gift cards in only minutes in most cases.

This rapid redemption process earns high marks and is sure to be popular for those who like winning gift cards instead of cold hard cash.


ZitoBox is available on both a main desktop site and a mobile app that works for both Apple and Android devices. Downloading the mobile app is easy with links at the bottom of its main webpage.

Overall, the mobile app offers smooth performance and good game responsiveness, even in areas with normally spotty connection. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy to navigate as the desktop site. It’s still navigable, certainly, but the interface is too cluttered.

Alternatively, ZitoBox can be enjoyed straight through Facebook. As a result, you can play ZitoBox games on-the-go from your mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, without having to install additional software. The game in this case is played straight through the Facebook extension.

With the Facebook extension, you’ll get the same mobile playing experience as those with the mobile app, with only a marginally more detectable amount of input lag.

All in all, the variety of ways in which you can enjoy ZitoBox make it a great social casino experience for desktop players and those who are constantly moving.


Unlike many other social casinos and sweepstakes sites, ZitoBox offers several different customer service channels if you have a question or issue. Their customer support desk can be reached via live chat, telephone at 786-375-5187, or email at [email protected]. Typically, live chat offers the most rapid response.

The live chat professionals are usually courteous and professional and should be able to help you with any technical issues you run into. You might need to send an email for answers to more complex questions, such as those dealing with billing or redemption for gift cards.

ZitoBox’s customer service efforts are well-run and helpful. They offer 24/7 support as well, although phone operators will be offline during certain hours of the day.

ZitoBox’s deep selection of games — mainly the wide array of table games available — separates it from other social casinos and ultimately makes up for what amounts to an underwhelming welcome bonus.

Five Minute Guide to ZitoBox

How Does ZitoBox Casino Work?

Though it’s similar to a sweepstakes site, ZitoBox doesn’t use Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins as do other sweepstakes casinos.

However, the general formula for the casino’s operation is essentially the same. It’s legal in most US states since you never use real money in any of the games. Instead, you purchase digital currency that doesn’t hold real-life monetary value and use that digital currency to play games.

The “Zito Points” mentioned above are a premium currency that you get for winning certain slot games, participating in promotions, and just for spending time on the app. Zito Points steadily accumulate over time. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards.

This is another big difference between ZitoBox and other sweepstakes casino sites. On other sites, you’ll be able to exchange the premium currency (usually Sweeps Coins) for cash prizes. ZitoBox, instead, has you exchange their premium currency for gift cards from brands that include eBay, Groupon, Lowe’s, and CVS.

How Do Purchases Work at ZitoBox Casino?

Purchasing new coins for the slot games available at ZitoBox is quick and easy. There’s a cashier section you can access just by clicking on the button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. It’s easily identifiable in yellow and red.

ZitoBox sells coin packages for different flat rates. While the minimum deposit is $4.99, you can also go as high as $499.99. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to customize the amount of coin to purchase – you’re limited to the preset options ZitoBox provides.

Still, buying coins is simple and easy. You can use most major credit and debit cards to fund your account, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. ZitoBox uses SSL encryption technology to ensure that your personal information isn’t put at risk and your financial details are secure.

There aren’t any extra fees or charges and the transaction should go through immediately. Remember that, as a type of sweepstakes casino, ZitoBox doesn’t allow you to purchase its premium currency, Zito Points, directly.

How Do You Acquire Zito Points on ZitoBox Casino?

ZitoBox provides a number of avenues for players to earn Zito Points, the site’s premium currency.

In short, the more time you spend on the app, the more of these Zito Points you’ll acquire. This means that spending more time on the app will directly result in you being able to redeem your points for more gift cards and rewards.

You can also acquire more Zito Points by playing games and winning. In most cases, you’ll get a small amount of bonus Zito Points in addition to whatever regular coins you earn when you win one of the slot games.

There are additional ways to speed up the rate at which you acquire these premium points. For instance, you can post your progress on your Facebook account or try certain in-game offers for different products and services. These result in small bonus boosts to your Zito Points balance.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes By Playing at ZitoBox Casino?

Zito Points are the only currency that can be exchanged for gift cards on ZitoBox. Once you have enough points to acquire a gift card, you can select the gift card of your choice right from the ZitoBox app menu. There are over a dozen different gift card varieties to choose from, and each gift card has a different point value based on the value of the card has in real-world cash.

The cards are all digital so you don’t have to wait for them to be mailed to your home. Instead, they show up as digital codes you can input at the online marketplace for whatever vendor the gift card belongs to.

For instance, redeeming a set number of Zito Points for a CVS gift card will result in you getting a digital CVS gift card in your email inbox within minutes. This is the fastest way to redeem rewards for any sweepstakes casino we’ve ever seen.

The downside is that you aren’t able to exchange your premium currency for cash prizes. You’re limited to using those gift cards at their respective vendors. Still, this can be quite a great way to win some sweet prizes, and they can be quite valuable if they happen to be for a vendor you shop at quite frequently.

Is It Safe to Play ZitoBox Casino?

Is My Information Safe on ZitoBox Casino?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, ZitoBox uses SSL encryption to protect its users and make sure that no sensitive information goes on to the wider web. SSL encryption is necessary these days for any website that facilitates transactions between itself and customers. It’s also necessary for adherence to certain regulations, like the GDPR.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your information is 100 percent safe from all threats. That’s just a reality of online gaming and purchasing. But ZitoBox is pretty safe when all things are considered and there have not been any major security breaches to date.

Are Sweepstakes Sites Legal in the US?

Yes. In all states except for Washington, sweepstakes casinos are totally legal since they don’t actually let you gamble with real money — unlike activities such as sports betting in California. You do use real money to purchase a virtual currency that you then play with, but you can’t put real money directly on the line.

Furthermore, you don’t win real money through sweepstakes sites. This is especially true in ZitoBox’s case since it only lets you redeem your premium Zito Points for gift cards instead of cash prizes.

You can’t play ZitoBox in Washington since their state court defined digital currencies as things of value.

ZitoBox Casino FAQs

Can I win any real money at ZitoBox Casino?
No. At ZitoBox, you can eventually accumulate enough Zito Points to trade in for gift cards, which are transmitted electronically to your email. However, those gift cards cannot be exchanged for real cash under any circumstances.
How old do you have to be if you want to play on ZitoBox Casino?
ZitoBox requires all players to be 18 or older. This is because it allows people to make purchases with credit and debit cards.
How do you get paid from ZitoBox Casino if you end up winning?
When you have enough Zito Points, you can select the gift card you want at the top of the screen and redeem it almost instantaneously. The gift card you choose will be emailed straight to your attached email account.
Do you need to make purchases to play at ZitoBox?
Technically, no. Signing up for the site will allow you to log in and you can get daily bonuses for free coins. This being said, you won’t be able to get enough coins to really enjoy the site without spending a little cash. The free daily bonuses are best seen as small benefits or trial coins so you can test out the site before putting down real money.
Does ZitoBox have an iOS or Android app available at this time?
Yes. Both the iOS and Android apps are ready to go and are functionally identical to the desktop site.
If someone likes gambling at regular casinos, will they also like the experience ZitoBox provides?
Yes. ZitoBox doesn’t allow you to wager any real money. But it does provide a great casino experience and will let you play many of the same types of games you would be able to access at a brick-and-mortar casino. Furthermore, you are able to win gift cards for many of the most popular retailers throughout the US. If nothing else, you can use these gift cards as easy gifts for your friends and family.
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